The Fibro Patient’s Bookshelf:

Nourishing Traditions – This well-researched, thought-provoking guide to traditional foods contains a startling message

Gut And Psychology Syndrome – Gut and Psychology Syndrome provides the information you need to heal a damaged digestive system. The perfect book for anyone suffering from Autism, Dyslexia, Depression, Dyspraxia, ADD, ADHD, Schizophrenia, and any other condition that has a link with gut dysbiosis. LIKE FIBROMYALGIA AND CFS

The Power of Now – This book was fundamental to my ability to move from medicine to healing.  ‘Tolle is a world-class teacher, able to explain complicated concepts in concrete language. More importantly, within a chapter of reading this book, readers are already holding the world in a different container–more conscious of how thoughts and emotions get in the way of their ability to live in genuine peace and happiness.’

The Four Agreements – A practical guide to personal freedom.  Simple and small enough to read to a child this book holds epic shifts in the way we experience our lives.  A must read for anyone dealing with chronic illness, depression, anxiety and relationships.  A must read for anyone experiencing a human life.


The Gerson Miracle – ‘The Gerson Miracle’ introduces us to the physician who developed The Gerson Therapy more than 75 years ago, a therapy that has proven to cure cancer and most other chronic and degenerative diseases. Through his own painful struggle with migraines, Dr. Max Gerson conceived a treatment based entirely on nutrition and the body’s own ability to heal itself. He cured his migraines and summarily concentrated on other methods that prove to naturally boost the immune system this is the real miracle.

Nine current and former patients speak passionately about their successful recoveries from the most deadly cancers. Their first-person recovery stories are the greatest testament to the therapy’s efficacy. And it is through Dr. Gerson’s daughter, Charlotte, that the therapy is still alive in the face of almost insurmountable opposition from the American Medical Association and most major pharmaceutical companies. This film offers a path to a healthier life, in tune with our bodies and environment, not in conflict with them.

Your doctor may not advise you how you can heal your body from degenerative diseases naturally… but this film can.

The Beautiful Truth –   This documentary follows the journey of Garrett Kroschel, an animal-loving teenager raised in Alaska who, after reading a book by Dr. Max Gerson, is inspired to investigate its premise that diet can cure cancer and other diseases. Garrett travels across the country, visiting with physicians, scientists and cancer survivors to discuss Gerson Therapy — and Gerson’s claim that the medical industry has suppressed natural cancer cures for years.

Food Matters – With a staggering number of Americans suffering from obesity and other food-related maladies, this film takes a timely and hard-hitting look at how the food we eat is helping or hurting our health, and what we can do to live (and eat) better. Nutritionists, naturopaths, scientists, doctors, medical journalists and more weigh in on everything from using food as medicine to the value of organic food and the safety of the food we consume.

Food as Medicine Blogs:

Edible Aria Eat as if your life depends on it! ™

Online Help:


GAPS Blogs:


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  1. I hope your readers can use this information. I am proud of my products. I also love your site.
    Here is something that can help with muscle pain / fibro also.
    Moist herbal heat has been proven to help. Only use the heat for 15 minutes at a time. These last a long long time and smell awesome. Very therapeutic for those with fibro.

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